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Abbottsinn International School of Magick is a leading provider of pagan networking opportunities around the world. Harnessing the power of the Internet makes it easy to create and maintain a network and database of committed Pagan and Wiccan practitioners who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge of magick. This network is one of the few of its kind, making it not only one of the best choices for Pagan networking in Sacramento, CA, but in the whole world!

One benefit of my Pagan networking services is that they give you access to a vast collection of texts and writings on divination, magick, and Paganism. This library totals over 12,000 volumes and provides a comprehensive study of all elements of Paganism. From Celtic and Norse cultures to wereforms, Pagan wisdom, shamanism, and ritual magick, you’ll find everything you’ve ever wanted to know and more in the libraries from Abbottsinn International School of Magick.

In addition to providing opportunities to access a vast network of knowledge, Abbottsinn International School of Magick also gives users the opportunity to network through a social network and meet other Pagans in the community. Whether it’s coordinating Pagan meetups at a prearranged meeting venue or offering a platform for socializing online, I take my commitment to the community seriously. By providing a medium through which to network and share information, I am helping to grow the community too.

As a Pagan networker, Abbottsinn International School of Magick is unparalleled on the Internet. When you would like to meet up with those who share an interest and belief system with you, or are looking for more information about a specific topic, there’s no better resource than my school of magick.

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